Barbaza MPC Response to COVID19

Due to the steady increase of confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection in the country, citizens are ordered to stay at home and observe proper hygiene. Frequent washing of hands, covering your face when sneezing and coughing and boosting your immune system are precautionary measures the DOH have identified to minimize the risk of entry of virus to our body.

During this times of uncertainty, many of our healthcare workers and law enforcement personnel risk their lives in protecting the safety and well-being of the citizens. This pandemic tells us the true meaning of brotherhood and public service. As an institution that values volunteerism and cooperation, Barbaza MPC sees this pandemic not as a problem but an opportunity to further extend its services, resources and support that is meant for its citizen. During this time we can fully realize our mission and vision as the leading cooperative not only on financial aspect but most importantly on Social Service.

  1. The cooperative shall provide a snacks (soup, coffee, biscuits, candies, bottled water, fruits, multivitamins and calamansi juice or food packs) to the following Government Workers: Government Hospital, RHU, PNP Stations/Checkpoints
  2. Branches are directed to establish contact person from each of the Hospitals, RHU, and Quarantine Checkpoints to ensure smooth flow of instruction like how many personnel are on duty, and on what day should we prepare food packs so we can ensure no shortage of supplies.
  3. To protect our staff and personnel, the branch in-charge shall make arrangement with Hospitals, RHU, and Border Checkpoints Personnel to send representative to get food supplies from the office.

Barbaza Main Office

Culasi Branch

Sibalom Branch

San Jose Branch

Balasan Branch

Barotac Viejo Branch

Caticlan Branch

Molo Branch

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