Training on Occupational First Aid and Basic Life Support

All companies in the Philippines are required under Rule 1960 of the Department of Labor and Employment to establish occupational health services in accordance with the guidelines and regulations provided for under said Rule 1960. And it is compliance with this OSHS Rule 1960 that is the main motivator for corporations and cooperatives alike to certify their selected employees in First Aid and CPR. But employers are not to stop there. The importance of having First Aid and CPR training is not be dismissed as purely one component in the wide-scope occupational health and safety (OHS) field which companies have to deal with year after year. At best, employers should consider at least two important aspects of providing First Aid and CPR training to their employees, namely:

  • the significant financial impact of injuries which could easily lead to lawsuits, fines, absenteeism, compensation or back-to-work programs
  • how First Aid and CPR training can contribute to the employees’ well-being and quality of life both at the workplace and in their personal lives

Barbaza MPC conducted its Training on Occupational First Aid and Basic Life Support last September 14-15, 2019 held at Coop Ocean View Resort provided by the Red Cross Philippines Antique Chapter.

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